The history of Alfred Higgins and Aether-Tech starts in 1979.


1979:  Alfred Sheridan Higgins is born.


1987:  Alfred’s parents die in an unfortunate auto accident.  Alfred reports being visited by the spirits of his parents at the moment of their death.


1995:  Seeking to make contact with his deceased parents, Alfred begins to take an active interest in mysticism and spirit mediums.


2001:  Alfred graduates with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.  Alfred passes up many offers for high paying positions in favor of a smaller job that allows him more free time to pursue his interests in the paranormal.


2004:  Alfred starts to actively work as a paranormal researcher and ghost-hunter in his free-time.  Alfred’s work entails visiting supposedly haunted sites and trying to verify the existence of a haunting spirit and hopefully easing the minds of the residents of such places.


2006:  Alfred obtains an M.S. in Physics.  Alfred begins active research and experiments in measuring paranormal energies.


2019:  Alfred forms Mys-Tec Industries .  Mys-Tec focuses on the research and development of technology for the research and analysis of the supernatural.


2025:  Mys-Tec develops the Digital Ouija Device .  This tablet computer sized device was purported to easily allow communion between the user and nearby spirits.  While laughed at by the scientific community at large, the device is a moderate success among ghost-hunters and spirit mediums who support its claims of superior accuracy.


2026:  With the release of the Digital Ouija Device, a new cultural movement calling themselves the Neo-Necromancers appears.  These techno-mediums use the device to contact spirits of the deceased for purposes of divination and advice.  The tradition of the séance gains a major technological and popularity upgrade.


2030:  Alfred Sheridan Higgins dies at the age of 51 from a heart attack.  3 months to the day after his burial, as Higgins himself had promised, Mys-Tec researchers testing the newest prototype of the company’s Digital Ouija are contacted by Alfred through the device.  This begins a 5 year conversation between Mys-Tec engineers and their deceased boss.  During this time, Alfred leads engineers to outstanding innovations and insights into the workings of spirits and the spiritual plane.


2035:  Alfred leaves the Mys-Tec engineers to complete and continue the teachings he has provided from beyond the grave.  After his departure, spirit mediums and users of the Digital Ouija across the globe report encountering Alfred in various situations.  Some claim that Alfred has been a helpful spirit who provided much needed aid, others have said that Alfred has seemed to take a delight in harmless pranks and jokes.  Pretty much all who have encountered the spirit of Alfred Higgins have confirmed that he is friendly and harbors a playful rivalry with main-stream scientists.


2039:  Using the knowledge and discoveries provided by Alfred during their conversations, Mys-Tec develops the Aether Analysis Device .  This device allows users to measure and quantify the spiritual energies within the immediate environment.  The device naturally becomes popular among ghost-hunters as another tool for the investigation of hauntings, but the device’s primary supporters come from believers in Feng Shui who applaud the device’s usefulness in their practices.


2040:  With the popularity of the Aether Analysis Device, another cultural movement of Modern Shamanists appears.  These shamans act as consultants aiding in the selection of building sites based on the existing spiritual conditions as well as in the design, construction, and decoration of buildings to achieve many of the same goals of spiritual balance found in the teachings of Feng Shui.


2043:  Building upon their advances in the analysis of spiritual energy, Mys-Tec Industries releases the Aether Capture and Management Assistant (called the ACMA or “ACK-mah”).  These devices are instantly popular as ghost-hunters, neo-necromancers, and shamans integrate the device into their practices.  Able to manipulate and even contain spiritual energies, the ACMA marks the first widespread attempt to directly affect the spiritual plane by technological means.