Mys-Tec Industries is the primary developer of Aether-Tech devices and the instigators of the new Techno-Mysticism spreading across the world.


Founded in 2019 by Alfred Sheridan Higgins, Mys-Tec's company mission statement is "To Research and Develop technology useful in detecting and manipulating the spiritual and psychic entities that exist just beyond death." After the release of their first successful device, the Digital Ouija Device, the growth of Techno-Mysticism catapulted Mys-Tec into financial success.


Mys-Tec develops the following Aether-Tech devices:

  • Digital Ouija Device - a tablet computer sized device that allows reliable communication with spirits in the immediate vicinity.
  • Aether Analysis Device - a handheld scanner that provides a digital readout of the spiritual energies in the immediate area. Often called a "Spiritual Geiger Counter".
  • Aether Capture and Management Assistant - a device made to capture, store, and release spiritual and psychic energy.