Ghost Hunting is the common term used for solving problems of a spiritual nature. Typically, the "ghost hunters" will interview witnesses, scan the site with an Aether Analyzer , and try to identify the source of the problem.

If the "haunting" is caused by high spiritual energies but no discernable spirit entity, most ghost hunters will use shamanisitc practices to balance the spiritual energies and reduce psychic interferrence in the site. Recently, with the release of the ACMA , excess energies can be drained into the device and deposited elsewhere.

If the haunting is from an actual spirit entity, the ghost hunters will try to contact and interview the spirit using a DOuD . Using the interview with any other information gained regarding the identity of the spirit, the team will try to find out what might be keeping the spirit from "moving on." If possible, the team will try to resolve the spirit's reason for staying behind and get the spirit to leave willingly. If unsuccessful, the ghost hunters can use shamanistic practices (as above) to make the site uncomfortable for the spirit and reduce the effects of the spirit's pressence.