The Digital Ouija Device (DOuD or "Dowd") is a tablet computer sized device that allows direct communication between living and spiritual entities. It was the first Aether-Tech device released by Mys-Tec and helped prove the existence of a spiritual realm. 


The modern DOuD is almost identical to an early 21st century tablet computer (such as an iPad). The front features a dual display, one display taken up by a oujia board and the other features a standard chat display as seen on most social network sites.


The DOuD operates very similarly to an instant messaging device or digital notepad. Once activated, modern DOuDs will wait until the crystal fuse underneath a key on the ouija display detects a signal. That letter is then put on the display, very similar to the capacitive touch displays of the early 21st century, only responding to aether energy instead of static electricity. The user can speak aloud their questions and hopefully the spirit will simply "touch" the letters spelling out their reply.

The cheaper models tends to suffer interference or unreliability in the presence of strong electromagnetic fields or multiple spirits. More advanced (and more expensive) models contain shielding to prevent EMF interference and can discern the touch of different spirits and filter out input from one or more spirits (so you only get the replies of a single spirit). Some models can also be equiped with text to speech functions so the user can have an "audible" conversation with one or more spirits. Another option for some DOuDs is the creation and storage of spirit "profiles" that allow the DOuD to recognize the energy signature of certain spirits and store them under a persistant name in the device.

Most DOuDs can also store a log of conversations than can be uploaded to other devices. Depending on the model, DOuDs have a battery life between 2-10 hours between charges.