Aether Energy is the spiritual and psychic energy that makes up the spiritual realm. It is measured in units of Aether Quanta or AQ (defined as the spirit energy necessary to vibrate a 1 centimetre crystal fuse at 1 hertz).

Types of Aether Energy

One of the first discoveries in the make up of the spiritual realm was that Aether Energy came in 6 different forms (or flavors). Different types of emotions and psychic actions generate different forms of Aether. Borrowing heavily from the ancient Greek philosophers, these types of Aether Energy are based on the classical elements:

  • Fire - The energies of passion and action
  • Earth - The energies of protection and stubbornness
  • Water - The energies of thought and logic
  • Air - The energies of flightiness and flexibility
  • Light - The energies of creativity and growth
  • Dark - The energies of entropy and decay

It should be noted that none of these energy types carry any inherent morality, any morality percieved is due to human bias.

Each energy type has an opposition type. When these two come into contact, the two energy nullify each other. What happens to this annihilated energy is currently unknown, due to the fact that we can measure its presence or lack thereof, we cannot observe it directly.

  • Fire <-> Water
  • Earth <-> Air
  • Light <-> Dark

Due to this nullification, any Aether infused site, object, or entity can only have an energy signature made up of 1 to 3 energy types that infuse the subject in abundance. Ex: A nursery may have an infusion of Light and Earth, but never Light and Dark or Earth and Air.

Aether Quanta Levels

Almost every place, object, and entity has a certain Aether signature (sometimes called an aura by layman). These auras typically reflect the predominent psychic actions and emotions that occur around these subjects. In most cases, the energy levels of these signatures are too small to be noticed my humans, but higher AQ levels can generate some percievable effects:

  • 1 AQ - Enough energy to be detected by mid-range Aether Analyzers.
  • 1000 AQ - Enough energy to faintly influence human thought and behavior towards this energy type.
  • 5000 AQ - Enough energy to be percieved by most domestic pets. (Cats and dogs will behave out of character towards the subject.)
  • 7500 AQ - Enough energy for most humans to get a "vibe" of a subject.
  • 15000 AQ - Enough energy to influence human thought and behavior (greatly out of character) towards this energy type.
  • 18000 AQ - Enough energy to cause physical discomfort in humans (headaches mostly).
  • 20000 AQ - Enough energy to cause the human to directly percieve the energies in the form of visions, voices, forgeign thoughts.

Any AQ levels over 5000 tend to be the cause of most "hauntings." AQ levels over 15000 are deemed a potential threat to human psyche and long term exposure should be avoided.