The Aether Capture and Management Assistant (ACMA or "ACK-mah") is any device capable of capturing, storing, and releasing spiritual energy.


Current ACMA models resemble small messenger bags filled with complex electronics, dials, and digital readouts (similar to a 1960's portable transceiver ). Carried by a strap over the shoulder, these early ACMAs tend to be expensive.


Current ACMA models contain a built in Aether Analyzer . When activated, the user can select which spiritual energies in the immediate area to captrue and store in the device. At a later time, the user can release the energies in the same or a new location, changing the spiritual landscape directly. The crystal storage batteries can be removed from some ACMAs and stored for later use. It is possible to overload a crystal battery, but all ACMAs currently in production have safeguards to prevent this from happening.